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8 Rue Casimir-Delavigne, 75006 Paris

Secondhand Books In English.

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday 11h-20h

Sunday 14h-19h

For selling your books:

Monday 16h-20h

Tuesday – Saturday 11h-16h

Great Customer Testimonial

“I’ve been dropping into Berkeley Books for several years now, after discovering it accidentally in the 6th Arrondissement. Once you get inside the bookshop, this process of accidental discovery goes on, because this is one of the last remaining bookshops on the planet where creative chaos reigns. That, and a broad spread of American and British books makes Berkeley one of the final hunting grounds for literary book lovers anywhere. Forget browsing, scrolling, burning and scanning. Serendipity can only be experienced in a place like Berkeley . . .”

“You’ve got books that we can’t get at home anymore.”

“You’ve got a great selection of books for people who think and read.”

“You meet interesting people in this place.”


If you have good books to sell or exchange, please bring them in between the hours of 11am and 4pm Tuesday through Saturday, or between 4pm and 8pm on Monday.


Good books bought, sold, and exchanged.

Literature, criticism, history, philosophy, religion, poetry, literary journals, cookbooks and children’s books.


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